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posted 5 years ago
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Run your own Whois server with JWhoisServer


We are very happy to announce that JWhoisServer now supports CUBRID as a backend database along with PostgreSQL, MySQL, and other RDBMS (see full list below). This Whois server is implemented in Java, and its installation is very easy: check out this tutorial.

JWhoisServer provides a decent set of features:

  • It is small and fast (less than 200KB).
  • It is ready for the "new gTLDs" and IPv6.
  • Supports Internationalized Domain Names (IDN).
  • JWhoisServer is platform independent: runs on JVM.
  • Highly configurable (check out its documentation):
    • Custom Database: comes with a sample database to start from; you can configure JWhoisServer to work on your own database structure.
    • Configurable output format using config properties or Velocity templates.
  • Supports multiple databases:
    • CUBRID
    • PostgreSQL
    • MySQL
    • Firebird2
    • SQLite3
    • HSQLDB (standalone or server)
    • Oracle (tested with Express Edition)
    • JavaDB / Apache Derby (in embedded or server/client mode)
    • H2 Database Engine

According to Klaus Zerwes, the developer behind JWhoisServer, getting started with CUBRID was straightforward: "read the docs, get the stuff running and then try to dock your application on to the new RDBMS system." His suggestion to new CUBRID users is to remember that every database must be explicitly started before connecting and using them. Also Zerwes has noticed "an unusual JDBC connection URL". Make sure you read CUBRID JDBC Tutorials.

On behalf of CUBRID community I would like to thank Klaus Zerwes for his great contribution. We are very honored to have JWhoisServer as our CUBRID Partner.

Information for our readers!

If you develop an open source application and would like to become a CUBRID Partner by supporting CUBRID Database in your project, contact us by email In your letter please provide an overview of your software, project links, and your statement on behalf of your project. We will be very glad to have you onboard!

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