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posted 6 years ago
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Romanian developers work on CUBRID database support in Django

django-logo.pngUpdate: the project is now available at GitHub

Morning starts with one more good news!

The members of Romanian Open Source Education, a community formed by programmers and open-source software enthusiasts, have developed a CUBRID database backend for Django Python Framework.

According to Mariana Mărășoiu and Camelia Groza, the developers of the DAL, their goal was to build a bridge between CUBRID and Django and develop a Django-CUBRID compatible database backend. Two developers from CUBRID team, Andrei Jancă and Cătălin Ciobanu, have curated the project during the entire development.

The developers say that their "backend is mostly functional". They refer to test cases distributed by Django project, and in the near future they plan to pass all of them. The current issues are maintained at

One suggestion I would personally like to provide to the developers is to open the project at Github. There are so many Python and Django developers out there who would be willing to hop in to this project.

You can read the full blog at

We would like to express our gratitude to all parties who have one way or another been involved in this project, especially to Mariana and Camelia. Hope one day Django will officially support CUBRID Database.

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