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posted last year
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Official Django backend for CUBRID Database


We are very pleased to announce django_cubrid, an official Django backend for CUBRID Database. Now Python users who create apps based on Django Web Framework can use CUBRID as a backend database server for their apps.


  1. Being a Python Web Framework, Django requires Python version 2.5 to 2.7. Django is not yet compatible with Python version 3.0.
  2. django_cubrid has been tested with Django 1.4, the latest official version.
  3. Since django_cubrid is embedded into the CUBRID Python driver, it requires the latest stable release of the driver (CUBRID-Python 8.4.3).


django_cubrid is embedded into the CUBRID Python driver which means all you need to do is install the driver via pip, easy_install, or from its source, and you will have django_cubrid installed.

pip install CUBRID-Python

For other ways of installation, refer to CUBRID Python Driver Installation Instructions.

Configure Django app

In your application configuration file configure the database section as follows:

    'default': {
        'ENGINE': 'django_cubrid',       # The backend name: django_cubrid
        'NAME': 'demodb',                  # CUBRID database name: eg. demodb
        'USER': 'public',                      # a database user: eg. public
        'PASSWORD': '',                     # a database user password: eg. an empty password
        'HOST': '',                            # Set to empty string for localhost.
        'PORT': '33000',                 # Set to empty string for default 33000.

Done! Now you can use CUBRID as your backend database server. For more information on django_cubrid, refer to How to use Django with CUBRID.

To get started with CUBRID database, refer to the following tutorials:

If you have questions, feel free to ask at CUBRID Q&A site, Twitter, or Facebook.

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