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posted 6 years ago
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CodeIgniter Officially Supports CUBRID Database

CodeIgniter PHP Framework Today I read the great news from CodeIgniter forum. They have recently released a new 2.1.0 version of their PHP Framework. Great job, CI team! But this is not all. The new release denotes that CI officially supports CUBRID Database. We are very excited about that!

To mention, a few months ago we have developed the CUBRID driver for CI, submitted to their new repository at Github, and now we can see the fruits. From now on we will help the CI team to maintain the code.

Feel free to download CUBRID and give it a try together with CodeIgniter. If you find any DB related bugs, please report them to our CUBRID Issue Tracker (JIRA) or CI Issue Tracker (Github).

If you have questions about CUBRID, ask on CUBRID Q&A site.

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