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posted 5 years ago
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Best PHP IDE to work with CUBRID Database

PHPStorm Logo

When developers review various IDE for PHP, it is not accident that PHPStorm is among the top ranked. Because it is one of the best feature-rich PHP Development Tools out there. The good news is JetBrains, the company behind this project, has just released a new version of PHPStorm 4.0. If you try PHPStorm 4.0, I bet you won't wish to come back to your current IDE. It's really the smartest PHP IDE I have ever used!

I am sure there are still many geeks who use Notepad++ or TextMate to write their code. I had personally used Notepad++ for over 6 years. It is great for source code editing. It is small and fast. But when it comes to working in a team on a large project, control the version of the code, commit, push to, or auto sync with the remote stage server which is accessible only through SSH, merge the remote changes, and all this with a press of a keyboard shortcut, you need a fully fledged IDE which will help you accomplish all these effortlessly. And PHPStorm is that IDE which lets you focus on creating the beautiful code and leave the rest to the IDE.

I won't enumerate all the features available in PHPStorm in this blog, but I want to tell you only about my favorite ones.

Intelligent PHP Editor

Auto completion

It is not just the usual code completion or syntax highlighting features which are available in almost all source code editors and IDEs. In addition to that PHPStorm shows auto complete suggestions for array indexes within your PHP code. This is very convenient!


What I like even more is how easy it is to replace the code by another code suggested by PHPStorm. Assume you have accidentally typed cubrid_close() instead of cubrid_connect().


Instead of manually pressing several times on Backspace/Delete key on your keyboard to delete the "close()" part of the function, all you have to do is to place the cursor after the underscore, start typing your desired function, then press Tab key on your keyboard. This will automatically replace the rest of the word with the one selected in the auto complete list. I like this feature very much! It saves so much time!


Support for CUBRID PHP API syntax

PHPStorm is the first IDE to provide code completion for CUBRID PHP API. I would give the credit to them just for this feature!


It is not just the code completion, but also the entire documentation of the selected API is available on keyboard shortcut (Ctrl+J).


Code quality analysis

Support for PHP Code Sniffer

PHPStorm has really valuable features to improve the quality of your PHP code. Its on-the-fly error checking allows you to detect coding standard violations using popular PHP Code Sniffer. Also, it provides PEAR, Zend as well as Drupal coding style support as well as various techniques for code refactoring. It is just perfect for PHP coding.


Integrated PHPUnit

It is so easy in PHPStorm to write test cases and run them with PHPUnit. It is even more pleasant to instantly see how much of your code is covered by the tests. It helps you immediately spot where you have to fill the gaps.


Visual PHP debugger

PHP debugging in PHPStorm is very easy. In fact you need zero configuration to have it working. Once you install your favorite debugger (I personally use Xdebug; Zend Debugger is also supported), it is ready to go. You can debug both local and remote servers. The debugging session is kept alive while you move between web pages. If you have difficulties configuring the debugger, there is a step by step tutorial and even a video tutorial.

Powerful set of keyboard bindings


This is perhaps the best thing in PHPStorm. There are so many predefined keyboard shortcuts in PHPStorm that you can accomplish almost anything instantly with just your keyboard be it code committing or pushing, adding or deleting a file from your local repository, uploading a file to the remote server via SFTP or FTP, syncing with the remote VCS repository (I personally use Git, but it also supports SVN, Mercury, CVS, TFS, and Perforce). Various server side operations can be triggered by a mere shortcut.

My most favorite shortcut is Ctrl+Cmd+↑ to upload the currently active file to the remote stage server via SFTP so that I can see the changes live on the development server. It is especially convenient when you do not have the full test server on your local machine. By the way, you will not find this shortcut in PHPStorm because I have set it for myself. In PHPStorm you can assign your own shortcut to any available action. For this go to Settings > Keymap. In my case I have assigned the above shortcut for Settings > Keymap > Plugins > Remote Hosts Access > Upload to Default server. Super convenient!

Full support for PHP 5.4

The latest version of PHPStorm has full support for PHP 5.4 including traits, class member access on instantiation, short array syntax, array dereferencing on function call, binary literals, expressions in static calls, etc. If you want to develop for PHP 5.4, PHPStorm will make it very easy! It is just perfect for PHP reliant Web applications development.

Frequent updates

Last but not least, I like how frequently PHPStorm gets patches. Once in a while it pops up a message window asking you to update the IDE. The updates are available immediately on all supported operating systems (Windows, Mac OS X, Linux). You сan feel how the developers are trying to make their product better.


I should say that there is one BUT, maybe the BIG one. PHPStorm is a commercial IDE (99 USD). For some this may be the important criteria when choosing the code editor. But I will tell you what! Try it (free trial for 30 days)! You will really love it! They also provide free licenses to open source projects (our team is using PHPStorm under the open source license) as well as to educational institutions. So if you are an official member of an open source project, requests your free license and enjoy coding!

Information for our readers!

If you develop an open source application and would like to become a CUBRID Partner by supporting CUBRID Database in your project, contact us by email In your letter please provide an overview of your software, project links, and your statement on behalf of your project. We will be very glad to have you onboard!

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