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Uniform Server for CUBRID

Download the Uniform Server for CUBRID

Originally the Uniform Server is a small and mobile WAMP package that allows users to run the Apache Web server together with MySQL Database and PHP on any Windows OS based computer without a need to install or configure any software in it.

Here you can download the Uniform Server bundled with the CUBRID Database which will be ideal for you to test and get acquainted with CUBRID. It can also be used as a production/live server for developing Web applications on PHP.


Download the Uniform Server for CUBRID WACP package using the link below.

Uniform Server v1.6 for CUBRID

This WACP bundle includes:

  • Apache 2.2.9
  • CUBRID R3.0 Beta
  • PHP 5.2.12
  • CUBRIDWebQuery (SQL Buddy for CUBRID)



  1. Download and extract the package to the desired location.
  2. Make sure Disk W: is not used, because when the Uniform Server is launched, it will be mounted to Disk W:.
  3. Make sure port 8086 is free, if you plan to use Apache Web server, or port 8080, if you plan to use QuickPHP instead of the Apache server.
    NOTE: Port numbers can be easily changed by editing the .bat files in the root of the folder.
  4. IMPORTANT: Make sure you DO NOT have other CUBRID installations on the machine.


Start the Uniform Server:

  1. Run cubrid_start.bat file to start the CUBRID server and the demodb database. This step might take couple minutes to create a virtual drive W:, start CUBRID server and demodb database, so do not interrupt the process thinking that it was frozen. It will eventually start in one or two minutes.
  2. Run server_start.bat to start the Apache Web server and CUBRID Web Admin (SQL Buddy for CUBRID). This will automatically launch your default web browser and locate to http://localhost:8086/index.php.
    • Or, if you want to use QuickPHP instead of Apache, run sqlcubridbuddy_start.bat to start QuickPHP and CUBRID Web Admin.

Stop the Uniform Server:

  1. When you are done, run server_stop.bat to stop the Apache and CUBRID Web Admin.
    • Or, if you used QuickPHP instead of Apache, just press a key in the console window where you have started sqlcubridbuddy_start.bat to stop QuickPHP and SQL Cubrid Buddy.
  2. Finally, run cubrid_stop.bat to stop the CUBRID server and the demodb database. This should completely unmount the W: Disk that was created when you started the Uniform Server.



If you encounter any issues or would like to share your thoughts about Uniform Server for CUBRID, post your comments at Uniform Server Forum

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