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Join the CUBRID Quizland

challenge yourself with database related questions, improve your knowledge of the CUBRID Database, and win valuable products

This is how we are going to call our new environment (CUBRID Quizland), the virtual space where you can challenge yourself with database related quizzes, improve your knowledge of the CUBRID Database, and win valuable most-wanted products.

The following is a list of facts about this event.

  • The event will start on March 1, 2011, and will last for one month.
  • Everyone is eligible to participate in this competition and become a winner.
  • There will be 10 open questions asked throughtout this competition. Try to answer as many questions as possible.
  • We have prepared great products to reward the active users. The winners will get a 16GB iPad, 8GB iPod Touch, 14.1MP Sony Digital Cameras, and numerous $50 worth Amazon gift cards
  • The winners will be randomly chosen from the pool of top Quizlanders (the users who have answered the highest number of questions).
  • All the winners will be announced and featured on the CUBRID Quizland main page and on our blog, too. So, your name will be exposed to the entire CUBRID community around the world! You will like it so much!

So, are you excited!? Here is what you need to do!

Read the question, which will be published on this page starting from March 1, 2011, and submit your answer. That simple!

We will be publishing one question at a time (totally about two or three per week). Each question will be of an open type. For example:

Which Operating System(s) is/are supported by CUBRID?

For this example, the answer is:

Linux, Windows

You will need to input this answer into the text field which will be available under the question.

To answer a question, you should be logged in to the system, so that we can keep track of your records.

That's all!

Once you answer the question, proceed to the next one until you have all 10 correct. If your answer is not correct, you can try again as many times as you want. Once you get it right, it will be counted toward your account.

Subscribe to the CUBRID Quizland

To ensure that you always up to date, subscribe to the CUBRID Quizland and receive notifications by email the moment new questions are published.

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Extra Plus+

If you maintain a blog or have a personal website, write an article about this CUBRID Quizland event and inform your readers. If you have a Twitter account, follow @cubrid and tweet about the event. Or share the posts on CUBRID Facebook page. Since Chinese users can use neither Twitter, nor Facebook, you can share about this event on or kaixin001.

To thank you as one of the distinguished Quizlanders who helped us spreading the news about this event, we will prepare a special gift that you will definitely like! We will be looking at all SNS channels and sites to determine the contributors, so we encourage you all to do your best to spread the word about the CUBRID Quizland!

Wish you all good luck for the road to the CUBRID Quizland!


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