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CUBRID Yum Repository

Select Operating System and CUBRID Version

In order to install CUBRID, you must first add the repositories corresponding to your Fedora/CentOS installation. The command below must be run as root or by using sudo.

Since CUBRID 8.4.3, there are only 2 sets of cubrid repositories, one for Fedora 15 and above (tested up to Fedora 17) available at Fedora 15+ and one for Fedora 14- (tested against Fedora 13 and Fedora 14) and CentOS 6.0 and above(tested up to CentOS 6.3) available at CentOS 6.0+. Simply download the file and install it using "sudo rpm -ivh".

After you have added the repository, you can run "yum install cubrid" to install CUBRID. The complete tutorial can be found at

Fedora 17 - CUBRID 8.4.3

sudo rpm -ivh

Fedora 16 - CUBRID 8.4.3

sudo rpm -ivh

Fedora 15 - CUBRID 8.4.3

sudo rpm -ivh

Fedora 14 - CUBRID 8.4.3

sudo rpm -ivh

Fedora 13 - CUBRID 8.4.3

sudo rpm -ivh

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