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Migrating Tables Using CUBRID Manager

The best and fastest approach to migrate a database to another server is using loaddb/unloaddb. This approach however is used for migrating the entire database from one server to another. Currently, unload/load options do not check if the tables already exist.

There are 2 solutions that can be used to migrate only certain tables from one database to another server.

1. When you use the Unload Database option, only export the tables that don't exist in the destination database.

2. The second approach is the Export/Import feature. First, make sure that the database is in running state. Then, simply right click on any table name, then choose the Export option.


From the Export Data screen you can choose all tables you want and export to either SQL, CSV or other formats. Click "Browse" to select the folder in which the files will be saved and then click "Next".


The last step implies importing the data, by right clicking on the Tables line under the destination database and choose the option "Import".


Then, just select the file types (SQL, CSV or another format) and run the import. 


Finally, click Next and then confirm the import and the scripts will be executed. You will see the outcome of each SQL script ran.

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