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Install CUBRID, PHP Driver, XE CMS on Fedora/CentOS

We have created a very easy to use script which allows you to choose which software to install at once. There are four options to choose during the installation:

  1. Install CUBRID.
  2. Install PHP Driver for CUBRID.
  3. Install XE CMS.
  4. Install Zeroboard for XE.

Configure the installer

Once you have downloaded the script, make sure it is executable. Also all commands displayed below need to be run under the root account (sudo):

chmod +x

If you have selinux enabled, it is highly recommended that you disable it by editing /etc/selinux/config and setting SELINUX=disabled. For more information you can check out

Run the installer

Type the following command to start the script.


You will be given 4 options. Select/unselect any entry by typing the corresponding number 1, 2, 3 or 4. To proceed with the installation type "y". To cancel, type "n".

Installing the applications

  • If you choose to install CUBRID, you wil be prompted for CUBRID installation path, type /opt/cubrid to avoid any problems. Thus CUBRID will be installed in /opt/cubrid directory. Also, the following required software will be automatically installed.
    yum install csh

  • CUBRID-PHP API, if chosen, will add 2 lines to /etc/php.ini and will create a file in /usr/lib/php/modules/ (for x64 systems it will be lib64 instead of lib). Also, the following required software will be automatically installed.
    yum install gcc gcc-c++ libgcrypt-devel ncurses-devel php-devel

  • XE, if chosen, will be installed in /var/www/html/xe. In that case, the following required software will also be installed.
    yum install apr apr-util httpd httpd-devel mod_ssl php nginx

  • XE Board, if chosen, will be installed in /var/www/html/xe/modules/board.

Starting CUBRID service

CUBRID service will be installed by default. To start the service, type:

service cubrid start

To stop the service, type:

service cubrid stop

To restart the service, type:

service cubrid restart

Create a CUBRID database with a password from console

First, create an SQL file called change_password.sql (or any name you want) and add the following line into it. Replace 'any_password_here' with your desired password.

ALTER USER dba PASSWORD 'any_password_here';

Run the following command where XE is the name of the database. You can change it if necessary.

cubrid createdb --csql-initialization-file=change_password.sql XE

The default user is "dba".

Alternative to a command line, if you have a GUI, you can use CUBRID Manager locally or for remote database administration. In case of remote administration, make sure the following ports are open on the server side.

  • in cm.conf (default 8001)
  • and cubrid_broker.conf (defaults are 30000 and 33000).

Complete XE Installation

If you have chosen to install XE CMS, go to http://localhost/xe and finish the installation. This step assumes that you have already created a database in the previous step.

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