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Importing / Loading a Database Using CUBRID Manager

We'll assume that you have already created the database where you want to import your data. If you need information on how to create a database, it can be found here: Creating a Database Using CUBRID Manager

In order to import a database using CUBRID Manager, you need to right click on the database name and go to Manage Database -> Load Database.


Important!  The database must be stopped in order to be able to run "Unload Database". If the database is running, then the option is disabled.

In the next screen, you will have to choose which files will be imported. Select the schema, index, objects and trigger files according to the export you have. Only choose the files that are adequate for your situation.


Important!  If the schema you are trying to load contains tables that already exist in the destination database, then the load will fail. Please remove these tables from the destination database or re-export from the original database only the tables that do not exist within the destination database. The below example is caused by the fact that the table "tst" already exists within the demodb database:


If you want to just make a copy of an exported database, then make sure that you first remove all tables from the destination database to avoid the above duplicate table creation error.

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