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How to Upgrade CUBRID Safely on Ubuntu

In this tutorial, we will focus on users that have installed CUBRID from apt-get. If this is the case, then the databases should be located in /var/opt/cubrid/databases or /opt/cubrid/databases.

If you upgrade from 8.4.0 to 8.4.1 or 8.4.3 for example, you only need to save the databases folder, uninstall and reinstall CUBRID using the following commands:

mkdir -p /home/user/database_backup
cp -R /var/opt/cubrid/databases /home/user/database_backup
sudo apt-get remove cubrid
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install cubrid
cp -R /home/user/database_backup/* /var/opt/cubrid/databases/

Make sure to adapt "home/user" to your user. You can remove the backup folder database_backup after you start CUBRID and check if the databases are running correctly.

Important! Make sure that /var/opt/cubrid/databases/databases.txt file contains the right paths to the database folders. 

If you want to perform a completely safe upgrade indepent of the CUBRID version, instead of copying the databases folder like in the above approach, you should use cubrid unloaddb to export all databases in a backup folder, then uninstall CUBRID, update repository and install the new CUBRID version. Finally, you must import the databases into the new CUBRID instance by running cubrid loaddb.

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