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How to Start / Stop / Restart CUBRID Service

Regardless of the operating system, 3 simple commands will help you manage your CUBRID database service.

Important! On Linux, make sure that the user that owns the $CUBRID installation folder (such as /opt/cubrid for example) is the same one that runs the cubrid commands. You can connect as that user using "sudo su -s $SHELL cubrid" (assuming the user that owns /opt/cubrid is named cubrid).

1. To start the service, run command:

cubrid service start

2. To stop the service, run the command:

cubrid service stop

3. To restart the service, run the command:

cubrid service restart

You can also start/stop/restart only the manager or broker by replacing "service" with "manager" or "broker" in the above commands.

4. In order to start/stop/restart a given database, you must run:

cubrid server start demodb

demodb in the above example is the database name. Replace "start" with "stop" or "restart" according to your desired action.

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