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How to Enable/Disable AutoCommit Mode

One thing anyone would want from a database is to use Transactions. In order to do so, one must know that CUBRID has autocommit enabled by default. In order to be able to use Transactions, this will need to be disabled and there are several ways to do this:

  • CSQL Interpreter

In CSQL, the command ;autocommit or ;au for short:

;au off

Here is an example: Commit

  • CUBRID Manager

In CUBRID Manager, autocommit can be disabled by clicking the autocommit icon in the upper part of the query editor tab.


  • Drivers

 In various drivers, there are functions for each driver that allow enabling/disabling the autocommit mode:


Python - (autocommit in url)

Ruby -

JDBC - (setAutoCommit function)




Regardless of the approach chosen, 2 SQL commands can be used to commit or rollback a transaction:


in order to commit a transaction and


in order to perform a rollback. You can also perform rollbacks to a savepoint. A tutorial with an example can be found here: and Partial Rollback

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