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Getting started with demodb (CUBRID Demo Database)

In this tutorial you will learn how to quickly get up and running with the demodb CUBRID demo database which comes with every installation of CUBRID.

During your CUBRID installation you will be asked whether or not you want the installer to automatically create and pre-populate the demodb database for you. In this tutorial we will assume you have agreed, and the installer has created the demodb database in CUBRID Server.

If you have not but later decided that it would have been better to have installed the demodb database, refer to Create the demodb CUBRID Demo Database tutorial. It is a piece of cake!

Once CUBRID is installed in your system, you can now check if CUBRID Service is running:

cubrid service status

If it is not, you can start it by running this command:

cubrid service start

Once the server has been started, you can start your demodb database.

cubrid server start demodb

To connect to the demodb database enter the username dba and a blank/empty password.

At this point you have learnt how to create a database and a table as well as insert sample data.

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