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CUBRID Standard SQL Compliance

CUBRID Database Server complies with SQL-92 Standard with extensions borrowed from more recent revisions of the Standard. The following inexhaustible list of features introduced in SQL-92 are supported:

  • Numeric data types.
  • New data types defined: DATETIMETIMESTAMPINTERVALBIT string, VARCHAR strings, and NATIONAL CHARACTER strings. However, since CUBRID 9.0 NATIONAL CHARACTER/NCHAR/NCHAR VARYING data types are the same as CHAR and VARCHAR.
  • New scalar operations such as string concatenation and substring extraction, date and time mathematics, and conditional statements.
  • New set operations such as UNION, set differences, and set intersections.
  • Conditional expressions with CASE.
  • Support for alterations of schema definitions via ALTER and DROP.
  • Bindings for C, PHP, PDO, JDBC, Node.js, ADO.NET, ODBC, OLEDB, Python, Perl, Ruby.
  • New features for user privileges.
  • A new information schema—read-only views about database metadata like what tables it contains, etc.
  • Dynamic execution of queries (as opposed to prepared).
  • Better support for remote database access.
  • Transaction isolation levels.
  • New operations for changing data types on the fly via CAST (expr AS type).
  • Aggregate/analytics functions.
  • and other...

Though CUBRID mainly conforms with SQL-92, there are some features of this Standard which are not implemented in CUBRID either because CUBRID users see no use of them or the functionality is outdated. Instead of blindly implementing every available feature in one Standard or another, the CUBRID Database developers implement features priority based as requested by CUBRID users. Feature requests and bugs can be reported at CUBRID JIRA Issue Tracker.

In addition to SQL-92 Standard, CUBRID provides extended functionality borrowed from more recent revisions of of the Standard. For example:

Besides complying with SQL Standards, CUBRID provides numerous enterprise-ready features such as:

  • 24/7 High-Availability feature to provide 1:N:N master:slave:replica replication in 3 modes: sync/semi-sync/async.
  • Database Sharding for seamless horizontal scale out.
  • Online/Hot Backup
  • Java Stored Procedures
  • Refer to Key Features for more.
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