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CUBRID Error Codes

In CUBRID there are various Error Codes raised on different levels. In this document you can find the error codes for CAS (CUBRID Application Server), CCI, JDBC, and ADO.NET drivers.

CAS Error Codes

The following are the error codes raised from CUBRID CAS (CUBRID Application Server).

CAS Error Code Number CAS Error Code Error Message Note
-1000 CAS_ER_DBMS "CUBRID DBMS Error" Fails to connect to the database. Make sure the database is running.
-1002 CAS_ER_NO_MORE_MEMORY "Memory allocation error"
-1003 CAS_ER_COMMUNICATION "Cannot receive data from client"
-1005 CAS_ER_TRAN_TYPE "Invalid transaction type argument"
-1007 CAS_ER_NUM_BIND "Invalid parameter binding value argument" The number of data to be bound is not matched with the number of delivered data.
-1008 CAS_ER_UNKNOWN_U_TYPE "Invalid T_CCI_U_TYPE value"
-1009 CAS_ER_DB_VALUE "Cannot make DB_VALUE"
-1010 CAS_ER_TYPE_CONVERSION "Type conversion error"
-1011 CAS_ER_PARAM_NAME "Invalid T_CCI_DB_PARAM value" Invalid get_db_parameter and set_db_parameter parameter name.
-1012 CAS_ER_NO_MORE_DATA "Invalid cursor position"
-1013 CAS_ER_OBJECT "Invalid oid"
-1014 CAS_ER_OPEN_FILE "Cannot open file"
-1015 CAS_ER_SCHEMA_TYPE "Invalid T_CCI_SCH_TYPE value"
-1016 CAS_ER_VERSION "Version mismatch" Invalid Server and Client version.
-1017 CAS_ER_FREE_SERVER "Cannot process the request. Try again later" Cannot assign CAS.
-1018 CAS_ER_NOT_AUTHORIZED_CLIENT "Authorization error" Access is denied.
-1019 CAS_ER_QUERY_CANCEL "Cannot cancel the query"
-1020 CAS_ER_NOT_COLLECTION "The attribute domain must be the set type" No set type.
-1021 CAS_ER_COLLECTION_DOMAIN "Heterogeneous set is not supported" Not supported set type.
-1022 CAS_ER_NO_MORE_RESULT_SET "No More Result"
-1023 CAS_ER_INVALID_CALL_STMT "Illegal CALL statement"
-1024 CAS_ER_STMT_POOLING "Invalid plan"
-1025 CAS_ER_DBSERVER_DISCONNECTED "Cannot communicate with DB Server"
-1200 CAS_ER_IS

CCI Error Codes

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JDBC Error Codes

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ADO.NET Error Codes

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Most popular(?) Error Messages and Troubleshooting

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