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Connecting to a remote CUBRID Database

To connect to a remote CUBRID database, you need to open the necessary Inbound ports to allow external connections. You can connect to a CUBRID database using:

  1. CUBRID Tools (CUBRID Manager, Query Browser, Migration Toolkit)
  2. CUBRID Drivers (PHP, ADO.NET, JDBC, OLEDB, ODBC, Python, Ruby, Perl, CCI)

Depending on what you use to connect to your database, you can open:

  1. Ports 8001 and 8002, if you use CUBRID Tools.
  2. Ports from 30000 ~ 30100 and 33000 ~ 33100 if you connect using one of CUBRID Drivers.

More information about what these ports are used for in CUBRID, refer to General Security Configurations and CUBRID Port and iptables (firewall) Configuration.

Follow these links to see a step by step guide to configure your system firewall.

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