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  • The new CUBRID Manager & Query Browser v2013.05 are here!
    Along with the latest CUBRID Migration Toolkit release we are now announcing new 2013.05 versions (build 0120) of CUBRID Manager and CUBRID Query Browser tools which allow users to administer their CUBRID Database Servers and execute queries in a friendly desktop GUI ...
  • New CUBRID Tools are now available!
    We are glad to announce two new releases today. A new version of CUBRID Manager, the most powerful database administration tool developed with DBAs in mind, and a new version of CUBRID Query Browser, a fast and lightweight version of CM for developer, are now avail...
  • Basic Operations of CUBRID Processes
    This article is a part of "CUBRID Internals" series. In the previous article I have explained about CUBRID Processes and where to configure them. In this article I would like to dive into how those processes run. If you have not read the previous article, I recommen...
  • Overview of Bootstrap from Twitter
    Update: Bootstrap 2.1.0 has been released yesterday on August 20, 2012. Check out their official blog for release notes. Bootstrap is a front-end toolkit open sourced by Twitter which provides flexible HTML, CSS, and JavaScript-based design templates, a variety of UI compo...
  • Query plan in CSQL [6]
    How can I view the query plan in CSQL, without using CUBRID Manager?
  • CUBRID Query Plan [6]
    I would like to understand better the Query Plan execution displayed in CUBRID manager. Where can I find more information about interpreting the output?