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  • Where can I find a list of DB Optimisations that are there in CUBRID [137]
    Hi, I am working to create a custom version of CUBRID Database. As part of this, I would like to work on and improve CUBRID by applying DB optimisation logic and code to CUBRID's code. I am well versed in most such (commonly used) optimisations that are part of MySQL...
  • How SQL UPDATE is performed in CUBRID RDBMS
    The internals of an RDBMS is extremely profound and sensitive. When updating a record in the table, not only the size of columns to be updated affects the performance but also the size of the record itself. Updating a variable-length column is less favorable than updat...
  • Optimization and Distribution of Static Files on the Web Using Maven
    The distribution of a Web application is as important as its development. Distribution methods can enhance the user experience or cause a failure. In this article, I will explain how we distribute static files at Knowledge Shopping Service department here at NHN. Diff...
  • How to speed up index scans? [1]
    How can I speed up my indexes? I see there is index covering which is supported, are there any other index optimizations?
  • Shared Query Plan Caching in CUBRID
    Summary What is Query Execution Plan? Why is Query Execution Plan Cache so crucial then? How to get query plan cache statistics? Auto-parameterization in CUBRID What happens when Query Plan Cache is full? Performance Implications How do other RDBMS vendors approach to ...