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  • CUBRID Ubuntu Launchpad Installation Tutorial
    CUBRID Ubuntu Launchpad Installation The goal of this tutorial is to explain the steps required in order to install CUBRID using the Launchpad repositories. It is intended for users that have Ubuntu 10.04 or above, who want to easily install CUBRID from Ubuntu repos. T...
  • Installing CUBRID on Ubuntu
    To install CUBRID using apt-get on Ubuntu, we need to add CUBRID's repository so that Ubuntu knows where to download the packages from, and then tell the OS to update its indexes. sudo add-apt-repository ppa:cubrid/cubrid sudo apt-get update If add-apt-repository command is no...
  • How to Upgrade CUBRID Safely on Ubuntu
    In this tutorial, we will focus on users that have installed CUBRID from apt-get. If this is the case, then the databases should be located in /var/opt/cubrid/databases or /opt/cubrid/databases. If you upgrade from 8.4.0 to 8.4.1 or 8.4.3 for example, you only need to save the ...