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  • How to ... using CUBRID Tutorials
    Configuring CUBRID [CUBRID Installation Instructions] [Connecting to a remote CUBRID Database] [How to Build CUBRID from Source on Fedora/Centos] [How to Build CUBRID from Source on Ubuntu] [How to Create a CUBRID Database] [How to Start or Autostart a CUBRID...
  • Exporting / Unloading a Database Using CUBRID Manager
    In order to export a database using CUBRID Manager, you need to right click on the database name and go to Manage Database -> Unload Database. Important! The database must be stopped in order to be able to run "Unload Database". If the database is running, then the opti...
  • How can I export a database table to CSV programatically? [9]
    I already know how to do this using CUBRID Manager, but is there a way to do it using CSQL?
  • How can I export data from CUBRID to XML file using command line? [49]
    I need to export the data from CUBRID database to XML file. Is there a way to accomplish this using the command line?
  • How to export query plans in xml? [5]
    I see this is possible by using Cubrid Query Browser. Is it possible also from CSQL?
  • Sharing Connection Information in the CM and CQB_kr
    사용중인 큐브리드 매니저에 등록된 수많은 호스트 접속정보를 어떻게 다른 PC의 큐브리드 매니저로 적용할 수 있을까. 물리적으로다른PC에서의 큐브리드 매니저에 호스트 정보들을 수동으로 등록하는 것은 매우 번거로운 작업이다. 이번 글에서는 간편하게 접속정보를 이관하는 방법을 소개한다. 1. CM 기존버전의 ...