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  • Where can I find the specification of CUBRID TCP/IP Communication Protocol v6 ?
    This document only for v4 protocol (
  • Moving scripts
    Can i move the scripts from one foldre to another folder withoin same user/svn insatnce ???
  • Add cubrid to pentaho
    Hi I reallly want to know how can I add cubrid to pentaho? plz help me !!! I received cubrid jdbc but Idon't know next step....
  • CUBRID Monitoring Dashboard
    InfluxDB와 Grafana로 CUBRID 운영 대시보드 만들기 influxdb는 An open-source, distributed, time series database with no external dependencies라고 홈페이지에 써 있는 것처럼, Key-Value 데이터베이스(leveldb를 이용해서 storage engine을 만들었다)를 sharding 구성이 가능하도록 해서 scalability를...
  • Restore Level 0 - No Tables Restored ? [6]
    I created a DB locally now. I backed it up at Level 0 and restored it on the target server. The database restored normally, but when I open the table views there no tables are restored?? I have tried mutliple times I do not get what is wrong. I have tried backing ...
  • CUBRID development [2]
    Hi CUBRID team, i really enjoy your sophisticated database! What's about your current CUBRID development process? Are there any new releases planned? Can you tell us something about the CUBRID future? Regards --jonah
  • can't make cubrid shard work
    Hi, I'm trying your sample found at but can't make it work with shard_key.txt filled :( Here is my configuration : #conf/shard_key.txt [%shard_key] #min max shard_id #0 255 0 #256 511 1 #512 767 0 #768 1024 1 #conf/shard_connec...
  • The new CUBRID Manager & Query Browser v2013.05 are here!
    Along with the latest CUBRID Migration Toolkit release we are now announcing new 2013.05 versions (build 0120) of CUBRID Manager and CUBRID Query Browser tools which allow users to administer their CUBRID Database Servers and execute queries in a friendly desktop GUI ...
  • CUBRID Migration Toolkit v2013.05 has been released with UI improvements
    We are glad to announce the release of a new version 2013.05 of CUBRID Migration Toolkit which allows to migrate or extract existing data and/or schema from MySQL/Oracle/CUBRID (previous versions) to the latest version of CUBRID Database Server, and perform scheduled exe...
  • Embrace SQL with CUBRID and jOOQ
    This is a guest post by Lukas Eder, the creator of jOOQ open source Java API for typesafe SQL modeling. If you develop or use an open source application and would like to tell the world about it, CUBRID open source database project is accepting guest posts. Big Data, the...