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  • The Client-Server Architecture and Execution Modes in CUBRID Database
    This is the tenth article on CUBRID Internals. In the previous articles, I have discussed about Data Types, Domains, and Inheritance in CUBRID, how data is stored in CUBRID, etc. Today I will explain about two very important aspects of CUBRID Database - the exe...
  • How can I export a database table to CSV programatically? [9]
    I already know how to do this using CUBRID Manager, but is there a way to do it using CSQL?
  • How can I export data from CUBRID to XML file using command line? [49]
    I need to export the data from CUBRID database to XML file. Is there a way to accomplish this using the command line?
  • How do I show the duration of a query in CSQL ? [75]
    Hello, I have noticed that in CUBRID Manager you can easily see how much a SQL command took to accomplish. I want though to do this in CSQL also. Can it be done ? If so, how ?
  • Query plan in CSQL [6]
    How can I view the query plan in CSQL, without using CUBRID Manager?
  • How to export query plans in xml? [5]
    I see this is possible by using Cubrid Query Browser. Is it possible also from CSQL?
  • Connecting with csql to a remote host [21]
    I have started csql with: "csql XE" or "csql -S XE" (XE being a database I have), but I do not know how to connect to it from another computer using csql. Can someone tell me the approach I should use ?
  • CSQL - Command Line SQL Interpreter
    I decided to update this CSQL Interpreter Tutorial to make it clearer why it is a must-know tool for database administrators. Once a user has installed CUBRID database server on their machine, the first thing they need to do is to connect to the database server, and t...
  • How to Efficiently Import Large Files in CUBRID
    How to Efficiently Import Large Files in CUBRID Sometimes we need to import large data files to CUBRID tables which can go over several GB. In this article we will cover different ways to perform this task. They are: The easiest way to import data to CUBRID is usin...
  • How to Create a CUBRID Database
    In this tutorial you will learn how to quickly create a database in CUBRID. If you use a Desktop version of the OS and prefer using GUI tools instead of a terminal, you may perform all of the commands below in CUBRID Manager. To start with let's create a sample database...