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  • cannot restore segment prot after reloc: Permission denied
    By default, CentOS 5 has the SE Linux feature set to enforcing. So, sometimes when you install CUBRID on CentOS and try to start the cubrid services using cubrid service start, you may encounter the following error: [cubrid@localhost ~]$ cubrid service start cubrid: er...
  • Change database user password
    To change your database user password, execute the following SQL. ALTER USER user_name PASSWORD 'any_password_here_in_single_quotes'; You may execute it using CSQL command line SQL Interpreter or CUBRID Manager. CSQL Example Before changing the password, make sure your database...
  • Permission Denied Error
    In the following tutorial, we will present how to handle permission denied error on Linux systems. CUBRID can be installed using various approaches according to the operating system. We will assume you have followed one of the methods listed here: