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  • Dropping Primary Key Error
    Another error that can be encountered in a database management system is the failure to drop a table due to foreign key constraints. The error message looks something like this: Error description: The primary key 'pk_athlete_code' referred by a foreign key 'fk_game_athlete_code...
  • How to Drop Some / All Tables
    Assuming you have no FOREIGN KEY constraints, you can simply select multiple tables using CUBRID Manager, right click and choose the option Manage Table -> Drop Table. Using a SQL command, you can type: DROP TABLE athlete, code, event, game, history, nation, olympic, part...
  • Update / Delete Operations Restriction Error
    If you try to update or delete values from a field that is referred by a foreign key that is set to ON UPDATE RESTRICT and/or ON DELETE RESTRICT, then you will encounter a restriction error. The error looks like this: Error description: Update/Delete operation...