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  • Recorder Architecture
    nGrinder Recorder initiates JXBrowser and TCPProxy when the user starts nGrinder Recorder. A proxy is initiated with the default proxy port 10288. If the port is occupied by the other programs, it automatically selects the available port. Then this proxy port is ...
  • Philosophy
    Reliability over Accuracy TPS over VUser Code is always better than GUI Editor Do not limit!! File System is faster than DB if we use it correctly. Convention over Configuration Open Closed policy by Plugin Model One shot Installation Need to add code? Remove ...
  • Architecture
    [Philosophy] [General Architecture] [Cluster Architecture] [Technology Stack]
  • nGrinder DevZone
    nGrinder (pronounced as en-g-ra-in-der) is a stress tests platform that enables you to create test scripts, execute tests, monitor target servers and generate results simultaneously. The open-source nGrinder offers easy ways to conduct stress tests by eliminating inconveniences an...
  • Cluster Architecture
    From nGrinder version 3.1, we introduced nGrinder controller clustering, which make the performance test can be executed by one of the clustered controller and support multiple set of agents(named region) to be used. Below is the architecture without cluster supports. nGri...
  • General Architecture
    nGrinder is a application for running test scripts written in jython(python running on JVM) across a number of machines. It's internal engine is based on Grinder. nGrinder wraps Grinder's console and agent with a controller and agent, respectively, and extends several...
  • System Architecture
    [Component architecture] [Controller cluster architecture]
  • CUBRID Query Processing
    Contents 1 Introduction to CUBRID Query Processing1.1 Scenario 1.2 Parsing 1.3 Semantic Checker 1.4 Query Plan 1.5 XASL Generation 1.6 Query Manager 1.7 Cursor Manager 2 Features and Functions Introduction to CUBRID Query ProcessingThis document mainly describes a statem...