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  • CUBRID Sharding with node-cubrid 2.0
    In this guide we will go through the process of setting up a CUBRID SHARD environment and using the CUBRID Node.js 2.0 driver to insert and retrieve data from the shard DB nodes. If you are not familiar with the CUBRID Node.js driver yet, check out our CUBRID ...
  • Configure CUBRID SHARD with Vagrant and Chef Cookbook under 2 minutes
    This is the third tutorial in Vagrant/Chef series where I would like to show how to install CUBRID Database in multi VM environment and automatically configure the database sharding. If you haven't read the previous tutorials, at least read [Create a CUBRID Database VM wit...
  • Important Facts to Know about CUBRID
    All database systems are different one way or another. But utilizing best practices and recommendations are equally important on all systems. To improve your experience with CUBRID Database, we would like to provide you with a list of important facts about CUBRID. Learning ...