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  • [Solved] Chef: NameError: Cannot find a resource for converge_by on centos
    I was testing CUBRID Chef Cookbook on CentOS 6.3 today using Vagrant tool when I encountered the following error with Chef 10.12.0: FATAL: NameError: python_pip[virtualenv] (python::virtualenv line 23) had an error: NameError: Cannot find a resource for converge_by ...
  • Create a CUBRID Database VM with Vagrant and Chef Cookbook under 5 minutes
    In this tutorial I will show how to create an Ubuntu/CentOS VirtualBox image with CUBRID Database under 5 minutes. In fact, you can use this solution to create multiple development environments (multiple VMs) with different versions of CUBRID installed on each of them, ...
  • Install CUBRID remotely with knife-solo and Chef Cookbook
    This tutorial is a part of CUBRID Chef Cookbook series where I show how to install CUBRID Database, its drivers and tools, and configure High-Availability and Database Sharding with a single command. Unlike in previuos tutorials, in this tutorial I will not use Vagrant. In...