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  • Getting started with demodb (CUBRID Demo Database)
    In this tutorial you will learn how to quickly get up and running with the demodb CUBRID demo database which comes with every installation of CUBRID. During your [CUBRID Installation Instructions|CUBRID installation] you will be asked whether or not you want the insta...
  • How to Start or Autostart a CUBRID Database
    1. CUBRID Script for Autostart on Linux 1-1. We provide a cubrid script for auto start database processes. Please get download a script file from : #!/bin/bash # # cubrid This shell script ...
  • How to Start / Stop / Restart CUBRID Service
    Regardless of the operating system, 3 simple commands will help you manage your CUBRID database service. Important! On Linux, make sure that the user that owns the $CUBRID installation folder (such as /opt/cubrid for example) is the same one that runs the cubrid commands. You can...