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  • How to Create a CUBRID Database
    In this tutorial you will learn how to quickly create a database in CUBRID. If you use a Desktop version of the OS and prefer using GUI tools instead of a terminal, you may perform all of the commands below in CUBRID Manager. To start with let's create a sample database...
  • How to Get Foreign Keys
    Getting Foreign Keys Using SHOW CREATE TABLE Since CUBRID 9.0, CUBRID supports SHOW CREATE TABLE statement. This command allows you to see all the table columns as well as all the constraints such as primary key or foreign key. Below you can see the SHOW CREATE TA...
  • How to Show Create Table Statement
    Since CUBRID 9.0, you can view the create table statement using the SHOW CREATE TABLE command. However, if you want to use CUBRID Manager to obtain this value or if you have a CUBRID version before 9.0, then all you need to do is right click on the table you ...