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  • How can you get Collations list from the server ? [17]
    In MySQL this can be obtained using "SHOW COLLATION" query. Is there a CUBRID equivalent ?
  • How to find out if the database is case sensitive or not regarding table names ? [1]
    In MySQL, in order to find out if the database table names are case sensitive, you can use "SHOW VARIABLES LIKE 'lower_case_table_names' ". What's the equivalent for CUBRID ?
  • How to find out the Charset CUBRID uses ? [5]
    Hello, I want to find out the charset used in CUBRID using SQL. In MySQL it is possible to perform this operation by running "SHOW VARIABLES LIKE 'character_set%'". Is there anything similar for CUBRID ? Best regards, Ovidiu
  • Creating multiple tables using CUBRID Manager [97]
    I'm using CUBRID Manager I right-click on a database and select New Query Editor. I then paste the following SQL -- Create the ART Repository, version 2.3 -- IMPORTANT: -- after running this script, ALSO RUN the tables_xxx.sql script for your database (f...
  • How can I export a database table to CSV programatically? [9]
    I already know how to do this using CUBRID Manager, but is there a way to do it using CSQL?
  • Is CUBRID cluster project suspended or dead? [86]
    Hi, Is CUBRID cluster project suspended or dead? How is the development progress now?
  • ADO.NET return error "Don't know how to write the parameter!" [4]
    Hi, I am trying to insert a image into the database, my database is type BLOB and in C# is type byte[]. When I try to do the insert the error is: Don't know how to write the parameter! Whats is wrong? how can I get a more technical description error from databa...
  • How CUBRID handle an expensive query on a huge table? [1]
    Hi, How CUBRID handle an expensive query on a huge table or a recursive query? Will CUBRID partition the big task into some smaller ones and then forward the small task to each processor (I assume the query run on multi processor server) and then merge back?
  • Please provide an example of using blob_from_file in an update or insert statement reading a file from /tmp/ [73]
    For Example UPDATE tblfile SET fileimage = BLOB_FROM_FILE ('/tmp/image.png') WHERE fileid = '2b93d4629241d287915a422f6d1a90374de95ef0' BUT This is giving me a Cannot coerce blob to type unknown data type error. fileimage is a blob
  • How to install jar in cubrid server? [52]
    I am trying to install xstream-1.4.2.jar to solve my way to convert to XML. When I try to do it in loadjava says: cannot open. loadjava is only for .class files have support for jar?