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  • Classification in the elastic washer: inner elastic gasket, outer elastic washers, Belleville spring washers, wave spring washers
    Inner elastic gasket, outer spring washers Elastic warping with several sharp teeth around the circumference, spines on the bearing surface, to stop fasteners from loosening. Inner elastic washer below the screw head for head size smaller sized; outer spring washers beneath ...
  • sql_log 관련 [1]
    큐브리드의 SQL 질의 로그는 sql_log 폴더의 broker*.sql.log, broker*.slow.log, query_editor*.sql.log, query_editor*.slow.log에 저장되는 걸로 알고 있습니다. 최대 100M까지 저장되고 만약 사이즈가 넘어가면 이전 로그가 지워지면서 최근 내용이 기록되는 형태로요. 그런데 저희가 사용하는 테이블 중에서 특정 데...
  • Error: The argument is invalid [76]
    When I execute a query "SELECT * FROM t_info" on Java application thru CUBRID JDBC, an error "The argument is invalid" popped up. I'd like to know what happened and how I handle.
  • Error: Your transaction has been unilaterally aborted by the system. [1]
    When I insert records into CUBRID DB(2008 R3.0), the following error was popped up. "ERROR CA001CUBRIDCUBRID ODBC Driver Transaction(index1, dba@localhost|20383) has been unilaterally aborted by the system" What does it mean and what can I do?
  • How can you catch an Exception in python using the CUBRIDdb driver? [79]
    I want to catch the Error exception or a specific exception using the Python driver. I saw nothing related to this in the manuals.
  • How does CUBRID handle the case sensitivity of identifiers ? [204]
    I've noticed that CUBRID is case insensitive in regards to identifiers, which goes against the SQL standard, which requires that quoted identifiers be handled in a case sensitive manner. Is this the way CUBRID does it by default or can it be changed using a setting ?
  • How can you get Collations list from the server ? [17]
    In MySQL this can be obtained using "SHOW COLLATION" query. Is there a CUBRID equivalent ?
  • How to find out if the database is case sensitive or not regarding table names ? [1]
    In MySQL, in order to find out if the database table names are case sensitive, you can use "SHOW VARIABLES LIKE 'lower_case_table_names' ". What's the equivalent for CUBRID ?
  • How to find out the Charset CUBRID uses ? [5]
    Hello, I want to find out the charset used in CUBRID using SQL. In MySQL it is possible to perform this operation by running "SHOW VARIABLES LIKE 'character_set%'". Is there anything similar for CUBRID ? Best regards, Ovidiu
  • Creating multiple tables using CUBRID Manager [97]
    I'm using CUBRID Manager I right-click on a database and select New Query Editor. I then paste the following SQL -- Create the ART Repository, version 2.3 -- IMPORTANT: -- after running this script, ALSO RUN the tables_xxx.sql script for your database (f...