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  • cubrid shard for MySQL
    Is CUBRID Shard for MySQL deprecated?
  • [JDBC][MySQL][Shard] Transactions not respected even when inserts are on same shard [1]
    hi, am a new user of Cubrid, and am specifically interested in experimenting/learning the cubrid shard feature. My Setup - Base software - RHEL 6.3 / Cubrid 9.3 / MySQL 5.1.73 / Java client - JDBC based select/inserts/updates - creating two mySQL dBs - shard1 an...
  • can't make cubrid shard work
    Hi, I'm trying your sample found at but can't make it work with shard_key.txt filled :( Here is my configuration : #conf/shard_key.txt [%shard_key] #min max shard_id #0 255 0 #256 511 1 #512 767 0 #768 1024 1 #conf/shard_connec...
  • ERROR: Attempted to update the database when updates are disabled [78]
    Hello, I am using CUBRID HA for the first time. After configuring CUBRID HA and executing CSQL utility for replication test, I encountered the error message saying: prompt> csql -u dba testdb@localhost -c "create table abc(a int, b int, c int, primary key(a));" In the ...
  • UTF-8 Support [88]
    Does CUBRID support UTF-8 charset?
  • multiple shards configuration [1]
    Hi, I have a master/slaves architecture and would like to use a x*master/slaves architecture with x the number of shards. I want to send writes only to masters (based on the shards it hosts) and the reads to slaves (using a VIP). I think I'll use something like that : [%shard_...
  • cubrid shard with PHP driver [24]
    Hi, I've done some tests with cubrid shard and it seems that I cannot use mysql driver for PHP and that I have to use cubrid driver for PHP. I've read that it was compatible with MySQL but it seems that it just means that it can be used to shard a MySQL database an...
  • Join between multiple Shard [84]
    Hi, I might miss this out when skimming tru the docs. How do we run query (join) accross multiple shard? if I had few tables in the join that is sharded and they are shard base on different columns, how will the performance like? any best practices or things to avoids?
  • Strange behavior in HA mode [62]
    Hi! I setup a ha cluster with master+slave following this tutorial: I called my nodes : cubrid and cubrid2. All nodes have this in cubrid.conf: [@demodb] ha_mode=on force_remove_log_archives=no log_max_archives=100
  • cubrid shard start: fail: failed to connect database [1]
    sh> cubrid shard start@ cubrid shard startfailed to connect database. [shard] please check your $CUBRID/conf/shard.conf or database status. [%shard] SHARD_DB_NAME = shard1 SHARD_DB_USER = shard ++ cubrid shard start: fail My shard_connection.txt : # cubrid 0 shar...