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  • Are there new (NoSQL, NewSQL) datatypes planned for CUBRID >v9.1? [33]
    Hi CUBRID Team, are you planned to develop new (NoSQL, NewSQL) data types i.e. JSON, hstore for schemaless data modeling like in PostgreSQL >= v9.2/9.3 for the new CUBRID version? ==> Do you have a date for the ...
  • Are there spatial extensions to CUBRID? [20]
    Are there any spatial extensions for CUBRID databases or any plans to support spatial data? Thanks, David
  • How to interpret the differences between these two manual pages? [11]
    I have mostly based jOOQ's CUBRID data type support to what is available here: Unfortunately, that was not the best choice for the jOOQ source code generator, as it is reading db_attribute, which returns data types as defined here: ...