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  • Where can I find the specification of CUBRID TCP/IP Communication Protocol v6 ?
    This document only for v4 protocol (
  • Moving scripts
    Can i move the scripts from one foldre to another folder withoin same user/svn insatnce ???
  • Add cubrid to pentaho
    Hi I reallly want to know how can I add cubrid to pentaho? plz help me !!! I received cubrid jdbc but Idon't know next step....
  • Restore Level 0 - No Tables Restored ? [6]
    I created a DB locally now. I backed it up at Level 0 and restored it on the target server. The database restored normally, but when I open the table views there no tables are restored?? I have tried mutliple times I do not get what is wrong. I have tried backing ...
  • CUBRID development [2]
    Hi CUBRID team, i really enjoy your sophisticated database! What's about your current CUBRID development process? Are there any new releases planned? Can you tell us something about the CUBRID future? Regards --jonah
  • can't make cubrid shard work
    Hi, I'm trying your sample found at but can't make it work with shard_key.txt filled :( Here is my configuration : #conf/shard_key.txt [%shard_key] #min max shard_id #0 255 0 #256 511 1 #512 767 0 #768 1024 1 #conf/shard_connec...
  • How to find out the Charset CUBRID uses ? [5]
    Hello, I want to find out the charset used in CUBRID using SQL. In MySQL it is possible to perform this operation by running "SHOW VARIABLES LIKE 'character_set%'". Is there anything similar for CUBRID ? Best regards, Ovidiu
  • Does CUBRID include init.d script to autostart Server? [73]
    Some time ago I've installed CUBRID on Linux using one of the available packages. I've been using it for my personal home page. Once in a while I need to restart the server and this is the point when it gets a little bit inconvenient because I need to run cubrid...
  • What is the difference between synchronous and asynchronous modes in PHP cubrid_execute()? [6]
    In cubrid_execute() documentation is says that the developer can specify which mode to use: either synchronous or asynchronous. What is the difference between them and how they affect the performance?
  • How many records are affected after REPLACE query is executed? [140]
    When REPLACE query is executed in CUBRID how many records are affected?