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  • POSIX:External storage error
    I try to insert a new row with a BLOB column. I get this error in Visual Studio "POSIX external storage error: C:\CUBRID\databases\InternWebsite/lob/ces_316/ces_temp.00001390217104946000_3420... No such file or directory" I have checked the directory and it exists...
  • ADO.NET return error "Don't know how to write the parameter!" [4]
    Hi, I am trying to insert a image into the database, my database is type BLOB and in C# is type byte[]. When I try to do the insert the error is: Don't know how to write the parameter! Whats is wrong? how can I get a more technical description error from databa...
  • Please provide an example of using blob_from_file in an update or insert statement reading a file from /tmp/ [73]
    For Example UPDATE tblfile SET fileimage = BLOB_FROM_FILE ('/tmp/image.png') WHERE fileid = '2b93d4629241d287915a422f6d1a90374de95ef0' BUT This is giving me a Cannot coerce blob to type unknown data type error. fileimage is a blob