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CUBRID Tools Wiki

CUBRID 도구 프로젝트

CUBRID Manager


CUBRID Manager (CM) is the most powerful database administration tool developed with DBAs in mind. It has a convenient and intuitive Graphical User Interface (GUI) and provides powerful tools to manage the databases, brokers, execute queries and view their results, and many more.

CUBRID Query Browser

CUBRID 쿼리 브라우저

CUBRID Query Browser (CQB) is the lightweight version of the CUBRID Manager. It is implemented with developers in mind who need a faster solution to execute SQL statements, both standard and prepared, and manage tables more conveniently.

CUBRID Migration Toolkit

CUBRID 마이그레이션 툴킷

CUBRID Migration Toolkit (CMT) is a software tool which allows to migrate data from MySQL/Oracle/CUBRID (previous versions) to CUBRID Database Server.

CUBRID Web Manager

CUBRID 웹 매니저

CUBRID Web Manager (CWM) is the most powerful web-based database administration tool developed for CUBRID DBAs. It has a convenient and intuitive Web-based Graphical User Interface (GUI) and provides powerful features to manage databases, brokers, execute queries, monitor performance and many more.

CUBRID Manager Server

CUBRID 매니저 서버

CUBRID Manager Server (CMS) is a server-side component which communicates with CUBRID Manager (CM) and CUBRID Web Manager(CWM).  It provides HTTP interface to manage and monitor CUBRID Engine for almost all needs which can be thought of.

CUBRID Manager Server

CUBRID 통합 다운로더

CUBRID ALL-IN-ONE Windows Downloader is an application created to help users to easily download any CUBRID components: engine, drivers and tools. All you have to do is to select the components you want to download on your machine and this application will download them for you, one by one, without any other actions required.

Which tool do I need?

ProductsTarget users
CUBRID Manager DBAs who need to connect to a host and manage multiple databases.
CUBRID Query Browser Developers who want to connect to and access one database.
CUBRID Migration Toolkit Users who need to migrate schema and data from MySQL/CUBRID to CUBRID.
CUBRID Web Manager Users who want to manage hosts and databases through a Web interface.

CUBRID Tools work logs (Korean)

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