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New Features of CMT

New Features of CMT

Improvement of exporting CUBRID data

If the source CUBRID table has PK, the CMT migration engine can use the PK to increase the exporting performance and then the check box “Enable exporting optimization with primary key” is enabled. If this check box is checked, CMT engine will use some special exporting algorithm to increase exporting performance.

If users want to do some incremental migration (Check box “Create New Table” is not checked) and the source table has single-column primary key, the check box “Start from the maxim value of target” will be enabled, and if the box is checked, CMT will only export the records which PK column’s values are larger than the maxim value of the target table’s PK column.


Notice: if uses want to use incremental migration, please make sure that the primary key column’s values of source table are always incremental, in the other word, the new records’ primary key values should be larger than the old values.

Using CMT console tool checking migration reports and logs

Review migration report:

Review migration log:

CMT plug-in in CM/CQB

CMT can be installed into CM/CQB as a plug-in.


If users want to use CMT in CM/CQB, there is a way to satisfy this requirement. Users can install and update the CMT into CM/CQB from internet now. And the JDBC driver configuration in the CM/CQB will be shared with CMT plug-in. The JDBC connection information of CQB can also be shared with CMT plug-in.

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