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New Features of CMT

1. New performance settings in migration wizard

New preference page:

New performance setting dialog:

Click button “Advanced Settings…” to pop the dialog as follows:

The initialized values in the dialog are from the preference page.
Please input reasonable values, too big values may cause out of memory error.
Implicit estimate option controls the CMT getting total record count from source database.
Because getting record count costs too much time in some big source databases.


2. Supporting user defined JDBC URL

Click the button “JDBC Advanced…” to pop a dialog as follows:

Users can input JDBC connection URL into this dialog.


3. Export data with XLS format

CMT supports exporting records with XLS format.
But it is not recommended that there are some records with BLOB/Binary or big Varchar types in the source database.


4. Define column's default value by expressions

If the “Expression” option is checked, CMT will regard the string in the text box as a SQL expression, so the text will not be quoted with ‘’ in table’s DDL.

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