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CUBRID Web Manager CM User Management

Only available for "admin" userUser view focus on CM user management. 


CM User Management

You can add/edit/remove any user except "admin".

For a new CM user, the user name can contain letter, digit or underscore, and should not be "admin". The user pass should neither include any space nor be "admin". The user name and pass requires the minimum length as 4.

A CM user has several authorization, following is the detail:


  • DB Creation Authority : Only "admin" user has authorization on DB creation.
  • Broker Authority : Include admin/monitor/none. if authorization is admin, this user can see status of brokers and manage brokers; if monitor, only can see the status.
  • Status Monitor Authority : Include admin/monitor/none. if authorization is admin/monitor, this user can see status of system.
  • Database Authority : User can only login the granted databases with sepcified DB user, broker IP/port.


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