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CUBRID Tools Downloads

CUBRID Manager

CUBRID Manager (CM) is the most powerful database administration tool developed with DBAs in mind. It has a convenient and intuitive Graphical User Interface (GUI) and provides powerful tools to manage the databases, brokers, execute queries and view their results, and many more.



CUBRID Query Browser

CUBRID Query Browser (CQB) is the lightweight version of the CUBRID Manager. Now this is merged into CUBRID Manager. To use CUBRID Query Browser, use CUBRID Manager as setting to "Query mode". You can find the mode setting button on the tool bar, located on the top of the window.


CUBRID Migration Toolkit

CUBRID Migration Toolkit (CMT) is a software tool which allows to migrate data from MySQL/Oracle/CUBRID (previous versions) to CUBRID Database Server.



CUBRID Manager Server

CUBRID Manager Server (CMS) is a server-side component which communicates with CUBRID Manager (CM) and CUBRID Web Manager(CWM).  It provides HTTP interface to manage and monitor CUBRID Engine for almost all needs which can be thought of.






CUBRID Web Manager

CUBRID Web Manager (CWM) is the most powerful web-based database administration tool developed for CUBRID DBAs. It has a convenient and intuitive Web-based Graphical User Interface (GUI) and provides powerful features to manage databases, brokers, execute queries, monitor performance and many more.





















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