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CUBRID Migration Tool Key Features

The latest version of CUBRID Migration Tool provides a wide range of powerful migration tools.

  • Supports migration of MySQL/Oracle/CUBRID database to CUBRID
  • Supports offline/online migration
  • Supports localhost or remote migration
  • Supports MySQL dump file migration(XML format)
  • Supports data type mapping configuration
  • Supports migration history review
  • Supports automatic table to table, view to view creating
  • Supports migration script saving and loading
  • Supports command line style to execute migration script
  • Supports DDL of creating target table and view saving
  • Supports migration progress view and migration report
  • Supports migration error log
  • Supports timezone data transform
  • Supports creating new database in offline migration
  • Supports multi parameters of loaddb command
  • Supports partition table migration
  • Supports parallel execution in exporting records
  • Supports change owner in offline migration
  • Supports sequence migration
  • Supports configuration of changing MySQL unparsed time/date/timestamp/datetime value

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