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CUBRID Migration Tool Installation Instructions

System Requirements

OSMemory SizeDisk Space
Windows 32/64 Bit (XP, 2003, Vista, 7) 512 MB or more 500 MB or more for database migration
Linux 32/64 Bit
Mac OS X

Software Requirements

Since CUBRID Manager is implemented in Java, it requires Java Runtime Environment or Java Development Kit version 1.6 or later.


CMT Installation is very easy. Just extract both archives (CMT Server and CMT Client) to the desired location.

  • Prepare a source database in MySQL or other DBMS which you would like to migrate to CUBRID.
  • Start the CMT Server:
    • Open Command Line Terminal and navigate to the location where the CMT Server has been installed. In my case, I have installed it to C:/cubridmigration_server.
    • Set CMT_HOME environment variable by typing the following command.
      			set CMT_HOME=c:cubridmigration_server
    • Start the CMT Server by typing the following command.
      			cmt_server start
  • Start the CMT Client:
    • Open the directory where the CMT Client has been installed and run the cubridmigration application.
    • When you launch CMT for the first time, you will be shown the BSD license, which prompts you to agree upon.

For more detailed documentation and guide see the CMT Release Note.


If you have any difficulties working with CUBRID Migration Toolkit, post your questions to CUBRID Q&A site.

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