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CUBRID Manager Manual HA Wizard


Linux and CUBRID version 2008 R2.2 or later must be installed on the equipment to be used as the master and the slave nodes. CUBRID HA does not support Windows operating system.

Specifications of Configuring the CUBRID HA Equipment


CUBRID Version


For master nodes

CUBRID 2008 R2.2 or later


For slave nodes

CUBRID 2008 R2.2 or later



Install CUBRID server on master and slave server,Then create same database both server.

Setting HA parameters use Easy HA wizard

  • Login both hosts.
  • Select one host,then select "Easy HA wizard..." on the context menu.
  • Input host parameters on host parameters page.


  •  Select the other host.
  • Input the host computer-name. (The host name is important, please check it carefully).
  • Select same databases both hosts which will be used for HA.

 4. Setting cubrid.conf parameters.ha-2.jpg

  • It will add necessary parameters by default. You also can modify it.

5. Setting cubrid_ha.conf parameters.ha-3.jpg
  • It will add necessary parameters by default. You also can modify it.

6. Setting parameters confirm.
  • This page display all the parameters which are will be add/modify/delete.

Configure hosts information

   Edit /etc/hosts file as prompt message.
  • Add host info to /etc/hosts files both servers. The content is “host address” “host name” (e.g. NC-PL-DEV001). (If host address is “localhost” or “”, please replace it by real address).

Start HA service

Start HA service on console:

  • Stop current service use command “cubrid service stop”.

  • Start service use command “cubrid service start”.

  • Start heart beat use command “cubrid heartbeat start”.

  Check HA working status

  Check HA server status use command “cubrid hb status”.


   As shown in illustration: The master server is “NC-VM-PL-QA-34” and “NC-PL-DEV001” is slave server.

   So far, the simple HA environment configure finished. 

   For more detail,  Please see

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