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CUBRID ALL-IN-ONE Windows Downloader Tutorial

CUBRID ALL-IN-ONE Windows Downloader is an application created to help users easily download CUBRID components: engine, drivers and tools. All you have to do is to select the components you want to download on your local machine and this application will download them for you, one by one, without any other actions required.


How does it work

Let's see how you can easily download CUBRID components using CUBRID ALL-IN-ONE Windows Downloader. First of all, the application detects if a newer version is available, and if you confirm, it will automatically update itself to the latest versions, using the ClickOnce technology.

Next, you will be prompted to confirm the application license:


Note: The language selection option will be enabled in the next versions, once non-English translations will become available.

After the applications is loaded successfully, it detects:

  • The local Windows OS architecture: x32 or x64
  • The currently installed CUBRID engine, if any

If there is no CUBRID engine installed, you will be prompted to select a CUBRID version:


Next, the application downloads all the information about the various available CUBRID downloads, for the detected/selected architecture. The information harvested from the remote locations is used to create a tree list with all the components available for download. You will select the components needed and some of the other components – prerequisites – will be automatically selected as well by the application, based on the current selection:


Note: in the left-down corner, the current version of the components list is displayed, along with the last updated date. This way, one can check easier if there are any changes since the last time the applicant was used.

When you click Next, a summary of the selected components is displayed:


If there is something to be changed, click Back and update the current selections. After the selection is done, you can set some application settings, which are actually quite simple to understand what they are all about:


Note: the settings are saved in the local settings file, so the next time you will start the application they will be loaded automatically.

If the Automatically overwrite existing files in Download folder setting is checked the application will overwrite previous downloaded versions of the files it finds in the download folder. If this setting ins not checked, the application will skip the download of a file if it already exists in the download folder.

The other setting - Skip automatically the components witch can't be downloaded, if checked, will skip the file download when all Download Retries fail. If unchecked, all the remaining downloads will be canceled if one file fails to download.

When you click Start downloads, all the components selected will be downloaded, one after another.

The current download status is displayed, in completed percentage. When everything is done, a summary is displayed:


Note: In the download folder, a log of operations named downloadLog.txt is automatically created:


Finally, when everything is completed, before the application closes, a remote html web page is loaded in the browser:


This web page contains additional useful information for the user, to help with installing and using the downloaded CUBRID components.


Usage notes

Here are some notes regarding the application usage and some tips:

  • As long as you have already a CUBRID engine installed, all the components available for download will use as reference the current CUBRID engine version. So if you have CUBRID 8.4.3 installed and you want to upgrade to CUBRID 9.1, for example, you should first uninstall the existing CUBRID engine or download manually from the 9.1 engine versions and perform the upgrade before using this application to download other components.
  • As some pre-requisites are automatically selected when some CUBRID components are selected for download, check them before going to the download step, as you might already have  some pre-requisites installed on your system.
  • Remember – this is an open source application, so you can customize it the way you want! So if you need to implement a customization, just download the source code and modify the application the way you need.
  • If some component gives you consistent errors during download, you might consider enabling the option to skip component download on error, in the user settings screen.
  • Each component is downloaded into its own subfolder, named after the component “friendly name”.
  • If a component fived a download error, any partial files/folders will be automatically removed by the application

Remember to check the operations log (found in the download folder), if you need more information about the download status, download time etc

Do not hesitate to contact us whenever you have a questions or a suggestion!

Use the CUBRID Q&A or contact us directly at

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