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CUBRID ALL-IN-ONE Windows Downloader - Localization Guide

To localize the CUBRID ALL-IN-ONE Windows Downloader to another user language, this is what you have to do:

1. Open the application project in Microsoft Visual Studio.

2. Create a copy of the Resources.resx file, located in the Properties folder, and rename it to Resources.CultureName.resx.  For an example, see the file. The CultureName must follow the standard codification!

3. Translate all the <data> entries in the newly created resource file. For debugging purposes it would be very useful to keep the English version of the text in the Comment section of the resource entry.

<data name="Download_Started" xml:space="preserve">
<value>Download started:</value>

4. Add a new entry named Application_Language_NewLanguage to each resource file, and a new entry named Application_Culture_NewLanguage  to the Settings.settings file and set their values appropriately.

5. Open the frmLicense.Designer.cs file from the Solution Explorer and add a new item to the cmbLanguage ComboBox control. To do that add the following line of code:


6. Open the frmLicense.cs file and add the new language's corresponding lines of code to the cmbLanguage_SelectedIndexChanged() method. Here is an example of how the code should look like:

if (((ComboBox)sender).SelectedItem.ToString() ==
    Thread.CurrentThread.CurrentUICulture =
    Globals.ApplicationLanguage = Properties.Resources.Application_Language_Romanian;
    frmLicense_Load(null, null);

7. Optionally, if you have a BSD License file in the appropriate language, copy it to the application folder, where the English version of the BDS License file is already located (BSD License.txt) and rename it to BSD License.CultureName.txt. For example, a license file in Romanian should be named BSD Then all you need to do is include the newly created file in the Visual Studio project and set its Build Action property to Content.

8. After completing these steps compile and run the application and you should see the new language in the language combo box in the license window:


9. When you select the new language, the changes should be observed immediately:


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