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CMS Interfaces


The CUBRID Manager Server (CMS) HTTP Interface is an interface that exists between the CUBRID manager server and the application client, through which a web-based application client can access the CUBRID manager server. The CUBRID manager server delivers the request received from an application client to the CUBRID, and transfers the execution result to the client.

System Architecture

CMS is a manager tools for CUBRID including database configure, monitor, SQL query. As the component of the CUBRID Database Management System, CMS provides a web-based tool that allows users to remotely manage the database and the Broker.


CMS Architecture


Writing HTTP Application Program

CMS http interface is REST-like interface, client can POST JSON-format request to url (http://cms_ip:cms_port/cm_api), and receive the execution result.

The basic steps used for writing programs are as follows. First client must log in CMS with DBMT user name and password. If client login success, CMS will return a token which will be used in following request. The steps are implemented in example codes.

Example in Python Request:

import http.client,urllib.parse
body = "{\"task\":\"login\",\
headers = {"Accept": "text/plain;charset=utf-8"}
conn = http.client.HTTPConnection("localhost", 8003)
conn.request("POST", "/cm_api", body, headers)
r = conn.getresponse()
print (

The client will receive response in json-format. If success, “status” is “success”, otherwise “failure” and “note” will give error reason. The data “token” will be used in following request.

    "note" : "none",
    "status" : "success",
    "task" : "authenticate",
    "token" : "ae873897a0a9a2af8ea817532a4d722b124c446cb75876b9924a258f6351977e7926f07dd201b6aa"

Interface Permission

There are seven permissions. These permissions can indicate which authorities are needed to perform a task. 

Permission Name Permission Description
DBC Database Creation – Can only create a new database
DBO Database Operation Authority – Can use database utilities and modify conf files.
BRK Broker Authority – Can only modify brokers (include shard broker
MON Monitoring – R/W Configuration
JOB Automation Authority – Can only use automations
VAR Show Variable Authority – Can only read cubrid.conf, cubrid_broker.conf, …. etc.
ADMIN ADMIN - Indicate the authoriy of admin
ALL_AUTHORITY This value is equal to "DBC |  DBO | BRK | MON | JOB | VAR"


CMS Interfaces

CMs Interfaces are conposed by Json and is used for communication between CMS and Cubrid Manager.



Interface Name Detail Connection Type Permission Support Version
socket, http ALL_AUTHORITY
socket, http ALL_AUTHORITY
socket, http DBC, DBO, BRK
stopbrokerdownload.png socket, http DBC, DBO, BRK
getaddbrokerinfodownload.png socket, http ALL_AUTHORITY
deletebrokerdownload.png socket, http DBC, DBO, BRK
getbrokerstatusdownload.png socket, http ALL_AUTHORITY
broker_setparamdownload.png socket, http DBC, DBO, BRK
broker_startdownload.png socket, http DBC, DBO, BRK
broker_stopdownload.png socket, http DBC, DBO, BRK
broker_restartdownload.png socket, http DBC, DBO, BRK
getbrokerdiagdatadownload.png socket, http ALL_AUTHORITY
broker_changerdownload.png socket, http DBC, DBO, BRK


Interface Name Detail Connection Type Permission Support Version
executecasrunnerdownload.png socket, http DBC, DBO, BRK, MON
removecasrunnertmpfiledownload.png socket, http DBC, DBO, BRK, MON


Interface Name Detail Connection Type Permission Support Version
createdbdownload.png socket, http DBC
deletedbdownload.png socket, http DBC
renamedbdownload.png socket, http DBC
startdbdownload.png socket, http DBC, DBO
stopdbdownload.png socket, http DBC, DBO
dbspaceinfodownload.png socket, http ALL_AUTHORITY
copydbdownload.png socket, http DBC
optimizedbdownload.png socket, http DBC, DBO
checkdbdownload.png socket, http DBC, DBO
compactdbdownload.png socket, http DBC, DBO
backupdbdownload.png socket, http DBC, DBO
unloaddbdownload.png socket, http DBC, DBO
loaddbdownload.png socket, http DBC, DBO
lockdbdownload.png socket, http ALL_AUTHORITY
restoredb download.png socket, http DBC, DBO
getdbsizedownload.png socket, http ALL_AUTHORITY
startinfodownload.png socket, http ALL_AUTHORITY
getbackuplistdownload.png socket, http ALL_AUTHORITY
getdbprocstatdownload.png socket, http ALL_AUTHORITY
changemodedownload.png socket, http DBC, DBO
getdbmodedownload.png socket, http ALL_AUTHORITY
runsqlstatementdownload.png socket, http ALL_AUTHORITY
dbspacedownload.png socket, http ALL_AUTHORITY
addvoldbdownload.png socket, http DBC, DBO
classdownload.png socket, http ALL_AUTHORITY
classinfodownload.png socket, http ALL_AUTHORITY
updateattributedownload.png socket, http ALL_AUTHORITY

 DB User

Interface Name Detail Connection Type Permission Support Version
userinfodownload.png socket, http ALL_AUTHORITY
createuserdownload.png socket, http DBO
deleteuserdownload.png socket, http DBO
updateuserdownload.png socket, http DBO
userverifydownload.png socket, http ALL_AUTHORITY

CM User

Interface Name Detail Connection Type Permission Support Version
getdbmtuserinfodownload.png socket, http ALL_AUTHORITY
deletedbmtuserdownload.png socket, http DBC
updatedbmtuserdownload.png socket, http DBC
setdbmtpasswddownload.png socket, http DBC and Owner
adddbmtuserdownload.png socket, http DBC
adddbmtuserdownload.png socket, http ALL_AUTHORITY
dbmtuserlogindownload.png socket, http ALL_AUTHORITY
adddbmtuser_newdownload.png http DBC
updatedbmtuser_newdownload.png http DBC, DBO
getdbmtuserinfo_newdownload.png http DBC, DBO


Interface Name Detail Connection Type Permission Support Version
getenvdownload.png socket, http ALL_AUTHORITY
kill_processdownload.png socket, http DBC, DBO
gethoststatdownload.png socket, http ALL_AUTHORITY
getfiletotallinenumdownload.png socket, http ALL_AUTHORITY
runscriptdownload.png socket, http ALL_AUTHORITY
copyfolderdownload.png socket, http DBC, DBO
deletefolderdownload.png socket, http DBC, DBO
getfolderswithkeyworddownload.png socket, http ALL_AUTHORITY
getenvvarbynamedownload.png socket, http ALL_AUTHORITY
removefilesdownload.png socket, http DBC, DBO
getsysdiskinfodownload.png http ALL_AUTHORITY
getprocestatdownload.png http ALL_AUTHORITY
checkdirdownload.png socket, http ALL_AUTHORITY
checkfiledownload.png socket, http ALL_AUTHORITY
list_dirdownload.png socket, http ALL_AUTHORITY


Interface Name Detail Connection Type Permission Support Version
gettransactioninfodownload.png socket, http ALL_AUTHORITY
killtransactiondownload.png socket, http DBC, DBO, MON


Interface Name Detail Connection Type Permission Support Version
addtriggerdownload.png socket, http DBC, DBO
altertriggerdownload.png socket, http DBC, DBO
droptriggerdownload.png socket, http DBC, DBO
gettriggerinfodownload.png socket, http ALL_AUTHORITY


Interface Name Detail Connection Type Permission Support Version
backupdbinfodownload.png socket, http ALL_AUTHORITY
getbackupinfodownload.png socket, http ALL_AUTHORITY
addbackupinfodownload.png socket, http DBC, DBO, JOB
deletebackupinfodownload.png socket, http DBC, DBO, JOB
setbackupinfodownload.png socket, http DBC, DBO, JOB
getautoaddvoldownload.png socket, http ALL_AUTHORITY
setautoaddvoldownload.png socket, http DBC, DBO
getautoexecquerydownload.png socket, http ALL_AUTHORITY
setautoexecquerydownload.png socket, http DBC, DBO, JOB
setautostartdownload.png http DBC, DBO, JOB
getautostartdownload.png http ALL_AUTHORITY
getautojobconfdownload.png http ALL_AUTHORITY
setautojobconfdownload.png http DBC, DBO, JOB
execautostartdownload.png http ALL_AUTHORITY


Interface Name Detail Connection Type Permission Support Version
heartbeatlistdownload.png socket, http ALL_AUTHORITY
rolechangedownload.png socket, http DBC, DBO
ha_reloaddownload.png socket, http DBC, DBO
ha_statusdownload.png socket, http ALL_AUTHORITY
ha_startdownload.png socket, http DBC, DBO
ha_stopdownload.png socket, http DBC, DBO
gethaapplyinfodownload.png http DBC, DBO


Interface Name Detail Connection Type Permission Support Version
get_mon_intervaldownload.png http MON
set_mon_intervaldownload.png http ADMIN
get_mon_statisticdownload.png http MON
monitorprocessdownload.png socket, http ALL_AUTHORITY


Interface Name Detail Connection Type Permission Support Version
getloginfodownload.png socket, http ALL_AUTHORITY
viewlog/log2download.png socket, http ALL_AUTHORITY
resetlogdownload.png socket, http DBC, DBO
loadaccesslogdownload.png socket, http ALL_AUTHORITY
deleteaccesslogdownload.png socket, http DBC, DBO
deleteerrorlogdownload.png socket, http DBC, DBO
getautobackupdberrlogdownload.png socket, http ALL_AUTHORITY
getautoexecqueryerrlogdownload.png socket, http ALL_AUTHORITY
getautoaddvollogdownload.png socket, http ALL_AUTHORITY
getadminloginfodownload.png socket, http ALL_AUTHORITY
getlogfileinfodownload.png socket, http ALL_AUTHORITY
removelogdownload.png socket, http ALL_AUTHORITY
analyzecaslogdownload.png socket, http ALL_AUTHORITY
getcaslogtopresultdownload.png socket, http ALL_AUTHORITY
setlogleveldownload.png http DBC, DBO, MON
getdberrorlogdownload.png http ALL_AUTHORITY
getbrokerlogdownload.png http ALL_AUTHORITY


Interface Name Detail Connection Type Permission Support Version
setsysparamdownload.png socket, http DBC, DBO
getallsysparamdownload.png socket, http ALL_AUTHORITY
plandumpdownload.png socket, http ALL_AUTHORITY
paramdumpdownload.png socket, http ALL_AUTHORITY
statdumpdownload.png socket, http ALL_AUTHORITY
unloadinfodownload.png socket, http ALL_AUTHORITY
backupvolinfodownload.png socket, http ALL_AUTHORITY
getdiagdatadownload.png socket, http ALL_AUTHORITY
getstandbyserverstatdownload.png socket, http ALL_AUTHORITY
writeandsaveconfdownload.png socket, http DBC, DBO
nluceneblocstart?download.png socket, http DBC, DBO
nluceneadminstart?download.png socket, http DBC, DBO
getnluceneinstallpathdownload.png socket, http ALL_AUTHORITY
setnluceneinstallpathdownload.png socket, http DBC, DBO
errortracedownload.png socket, http ALL_AUTHORITY
logindownload.png socket, http ALL_AUTHORITY
logoutdownload.png socket, http ALL_AUTHORITY
getcmsenvdownload.png socket, http ALL_AUTHORITY
keepalivedownload.png socket, http ALL_AUTHORITY
createftprocessdownload.png socket, http ALL_AUTHORITY
shard_startdownload.png socket, http DBC, DBO, BRK
shard_stopdownload.png socket, http DBC, DBO, BRK
sendmaildownload.png http ALL_AUTHORITY
automaildownload.png http DBC, DBO, MON
readprivatedatadownload.png http ALL_AUTHORITY
writeprivatedatadownload.png http DBC, DBO, BRK
autoupdatedownload.png socket, http ALL_AUTHORITY



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