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  • CUBRID Web Manager Installation Instructions
    Prerequisites There are two prerequisites to work with CWM: CUBRID Database CUBRID Web Manager works as a server-side plug-in for CUBRID Database Server, therefore it requires CUBRID 8.4.0 or later which has already been installed. Sometimes, a Broker and database server run...
  • CUBRID Configurations
    After you have installed CUBRID, you can start using the database directly. However, if you want to learn more about additional settings you can configure, follow these tutorials. Configuring the Environment Variables CUBRID Configuration Guide to Launch Services CUBRID Po...
  • CUBRID Manager HTTPD Variables
    How to Change Setting for CM HTTPD? You can edit text file conf/cm_httpd.conf(conf/cm_ext.conf in CUBRID 9.2.0 or later) in order to configure the CUBRID Manager httpd service. Note that if any configuration is changed, CUBRID Manager Service must be restarted. Re...
  • CMT Preferences
  • How to Start or Autostart a CUBRID Database
    1. CUBRID Script for Autostart on Linux 1-1. We provide a cubrid script for auto start database processes. Please get download a script file from : #!/bin/bash # # cubrid This shell script ...