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  • New Features of CMT
    New Features of CMT 1. Manage scripts with group view Users can choose which view will be displayed: Item view will list all of the migration scripts directly and Group view will display the groups of every migration scripts. Users can use “Group Settings&rd...
  • New Features of CMT
    New Features of CMT Improvement of exporting CUBRID data If the source CUBRID table has PK, the CMT migration engine can use the PK to increase the exporting performance and then the check box “Enable exporting optimization with primary key” ...
  • New Features of CMT
    Changes of CMT 2013.11 Importing CSV files from HDFS At the selection CSV files page of CSV files to CUBRID migration wizard, A new button “Add from HDFS” was added: A HDFS files selecting dialog will be popped when the button was clicked: The path...